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Forget Thor! These sexy cosplaying superheroes are bringing down real love and thunder

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A post shared by Trapped Heroes (@trappedheroes)Everyone’s talking about Thor, his bare butt, and the gay parts of his latest film.

But forget about him! Instead, take a gander at the cosplaying, superheroic hunks of @trappedheroes, the thirst-trapping Instagram account filled with musclemen in skin-tight spandex outfits.While the account simply reposts shots of hunky cosplayers showing off their finest spandex, it’s a good reminder of the many reasons that gay guys love superheroes — the muscles and flashy outfits are just part of it.Numerous academics have said that comic book superheroes are a modern form of mythical storytelling.

They allow us to imagine ourselves as humans who embody our best virtues. Contemporary superheroes, which often are often portrayed as having emotionally complex backstories, allow us to explore our darker psychological aspects as well as the contradictions of using power to heal a corrupt world.But apart from the egghead academic theories, superheroes are just hot.

Not only do they have hyper-masculine and athletic bodies, but the outfits are also meant to be theatrically eye-catching and to show off the heroes’ eye-popping physiques.

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