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“My heart is so full”: Fans praise Doctor Who for its heartwarming trans-inclusive storyline

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Fans have expressed their excitement over the new Doctor Who episode and its trans-inclusive storyline. Spoilers ahead On 25 November, fans were finally treated to the first special of the show’s highly anticipated 60th anniversary celebration – which is set to take place across three one-hour episodes.

Following the events of Doctor Who season 13, which saw Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, the episode begins with the time lord’s usual reincarnation.

However, instead of having a new face, the extraterrestrial being takes on the same identity as his tenth iteration, which David Tennant iconically plays.

As he walks about the city in his somewhat new form, the time lord runs into his former companion, Donna Noble (played by the beloved Catherine Tate), who now has a family and is still blissfully unaware of the Doctor’s existence.

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