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Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Wild Accusation About Dylan Mulvaney

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Marjorie Taylor Greene assailed transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, baselessly calling the model "one of the biggest pedophiles in America today" on a now-deleted episode of her podcast MTG Battleground."I'd like to bring up one of the biggest pedophiles in America today," Greene said in the deleted clip that resurfaced on Twitter. "His name is Dylan Mulvaney, and I won't be referring to him as a she or her."Transgender rights have been in the national spotlight in recent weeks as Republicans introduce laws across the country to stop transgender athletes from competing in women's sports, bar drag shows from public spaces and ban gender-affirming care for children.

Most recently, Bud Light's promotional partnership with Mulvaney has caused outrage for some conservatives, even leading to bar fights and bomb threats.

Mulvaney was sent a personalized beer can by the company in celebration of the one-year anniversary of her announcement that she was transitioning.Greene has been highly critical of Mulvaney and her deal with Bud Light and has been a notable voice among the number of high-profile figures boycotting the beer maker.Newsweek reached out to representatives for Greene via email and Twitter on Saturday.Marjorie Taylor Greene called trans TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney “one of the biggest pedophiles in America today” on a now-deleted episode of her newest podcast, MTG Battleground.

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