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Queer People Are Sharing What The Representation In "The Last Of Us" Means To Them, And It's So Important

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The Last of Us has joined the always-growing list of shows that support queer characters. Here's how the LGBTQ+ has been reacting to The Last of Us.Oh Roy you sweet summer child.

Me: Mentions The Last of Us, ep 3. Him: Is that the one with the gay scene. Me: That’s the gay EPISODE! Me: Tho, tbh, one of the MCs is queer so the whole show is gay AF!Bella Ramsey expressed her appreciation for the "gay army" of fans who speak up against homophobic trolls attacking "The Last of Us" for its queer content. was very hesitant to let my 14 year old watch The Last of Us, but I'm glad we are watching it together (I've already seen it).

We just got through the Bill and Frank episode and it's just so powerful and such an amazing thing for a queer teen to see on mom finally said she’d watch the last of us bc i cried over how important the queer rep is

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