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Rapper Yung Miami drops Pride collection and here’s why some folk are unimpressed

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The Breakfast Club in 2018. She was asked about the tweet it by host Charlamagne Tha God. She expressed some surprise her it caused such a backlash, as “I didn’t tweet nothing about them [the LGBTQ community].

I was just talking about my son. I just said that if I saw anything gay in my son, that I would beat him.“But that’s just like when your mama tells you, ‘If you break my table I’m gonna beat the sh*t out of you,’” she explained. “That don’t mean she’s gonna beat the sh*t out of you, she’s just saying it.”She went on to say, she still wouldn’t want a gay son.“I have absolutely nothing against gay people, but I wouldn’t want my son to be gay.

I’m around a lot of gay people all of the time; my stylist is gay, my cousin is gay.”Perhaps unsurprisingly, news of Yung Miami’s Pride collection—entitled ‘The Gays’—was not applauded by everyone.

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