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The potential first transgender member of Congress says she’s ready to ‘educate’ the GOP

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REHOBOTH BEACH, DEL. — Sarah McBride touts that she’d be the first openly transgender member of Congress. She also wants to be known for more than just her gender identity.Sitting outside a coffee shop blocks from Joe Biden’s favorite beach, the 33-year-old said she sees “the importance of representation.

But it’s also my job to make clear to people that I’m more than just one thing, that I am a multi-dimensional human being.”McBride isn’t the first candidate challenged to strike a balance between being a political “first” and winning over voters with more than her personal identity.

If she can prevail in the competitive primary, though, she’s pretty much guaranteed to nab the deep-blue seat — plunging her into tense workplace dynamics.

She insists she’s ready to work with colleagues who openly question transgender identity itself, saying she hopes to bring a “cultural change” to Congress.When a campaign volunteer asked McBride if she was ready to “educate” firebrand conservatives like Rep.

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