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Cassandro star Bad Bunny addresses queer-baiting accusations

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Bad Bunny has addressed claims that he uses gender-queer fashion as a form of “queer-baiting”. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the Puerto Rican rapper and singer opened up about fashion and gender, revealing that his use of skirts and dresses in photoshoots and at events has resulted in an “endless number” of “sexist and homophobic” comments.

Bad Bunny acknowledged that he’s targeted “without being homosexual, for dressing like that”: “Maybe the queer person suffers more, but it is not like I put on a skirt and go out and they say ‘Look, how cool.’ They’re going to attack me with all their force anyway.” The 29-year-old continued to stress: “You don’t know the reasons why a person is wearing that.

You weren’t in his mind when he decided to put on a skirt or a blouse. You don’t know what’s inside him, what’s in his heart.

You do it because you want to and it makes you feel good and it makes you feel happy.” The most streamed artist of 2022 on Spotify, Bad Bunny has been outspoken about LGBTQ+ rights on various occasions throughout his career.

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