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‘Chrissy Judy’ Review: A Black and White Ode to the Fun and Frailty of Queer Friendships

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Manuel Betancourt Even if you didn’t know Todd Flaherty had produced, written, directed, and edited “Chrissy Judy” himself, you could tell from his performance that this is quite a self-driven endeavor.

More passion than vanity project (Flaherty has written himself a capital-M “messy” protagonist, after all), Flaherty has clearly bet on himself here.

And it mostly pays off in what is an unassuming story about the falling out between a pair of “good Judys” — that’s short for best gay friends — that brims with the kind of belabored authenticity that belies a desire to showcase Flaherty’s ambitions as an actor, yes, but also as a budding multi-hyphenate.

The title for Flaherty’s film refers to the twinned friends at the heart of this tale: but where James aka Judy (Flaherty) has a knack for self-delusion he hopes will fuel him into a version of his life where he’ll find stardom as one half of a drag duo, Chrissy (Wyatt Fenner) is, alas, already considering alternative visions for a future that finally puts such a dream to rest.

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