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Kyrsten Sinema’s big eff u to Democrats might actually help them in 2024

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said Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College polling. “About 21% of Republicans would vote for Sinema with Lamb on the ballot, and 34% of Republicans would support Sinema with Wright on the ballot.

By contrast, Sinema only pulls about 8% of Democratic support from Gallego.”Sinema, it’s important to note, hasn’t declared her candidacy.

MAGA Republicans Kari Lake and Blake Masters, both of whom lost their races in 2020, also haven’t declared. According to this Arizona poll, @KyrstenSinema on the ballot as an independent candidate helps @RubenGallego against two potential GOP Senate nominees—Mark Lamb and Brian Wright.

She trails either way but pulls more votes from Republicans than Democrats in three-way races.

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