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Twitter suspends Jordan Peterson for tweet about Elliot Page’s trans ‘sin’

posted online show the tweet in question from the Canadian clinical psychologist’s account, which reads: “Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.”Page came out as transgender in 2020, announcing he would now be known as Elliot. Many are now calling out Peterson for “deadnaming” the 25-year-old “Umbrella Academy” star.Peterson, 60, who joined the staff of conservative podcast outlet Daily Wire on Thursday, is infamous for his anti-trans stance. He once claimed on Joe Rogan’s podcast that being transgender is a result of a “contagion” and similar to “satanic ritual abuse.”Conservative political commentator Dave Rubin posted screenshots of the removed tweet online, writing, “The insanity continues at Twitter,” and claiming that Peterson “just told me he will ‘never’ delete the tweet.

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Lauren Boebert’s attack on Harry and Meghan completely blows up in her face
Aspen Daily News.On top of that, she’s introduced 17 bills, none of which have made it past committee, and a growing number of her constituents feel she’s more interested in making headlines than she is in representing them.Related: Lauren Boebert uses Father’s Day to again mock trans and non-binary peopleThat said, rather than, say, doing her job, Boebert has decided to focus her attention on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their recent statement about COVID-19 misinformation being spread on Spotify by guys like Joe Rogan.Yesterday, Boebert tweeted: “We gave our final response to the Royal Family’s opinions in 1776… and we care even less what the Royal Rejects have to say.”We gave our final response to the Royal Family’s opinions in 1776… and we care even less what the Royal Rejects have to say.— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) January 30, 2022Just so everyone is clear, Harry and Meghan, who have a reported $25 million contract to produce podcasts for Spotify, aren’t “rejects.” They voluntarily stepped down as senior members of the royal family and moved to Southern California last January on their own accord.Related: Lauren Boebert is having an absolute panic attack over gender inclusive languageAlso, Meghan is an American citizen.
Joe Rogan is clearly in way over his head and things aren’t looking good
Joe Rogan is doing serious damage control after Spotify announced it would be adding content warnings and disclaimers to certain podcasts after two musical legends pulled their music from the platform in protest of the shock jock.Deadline reports folk singer Joni Mitchell joined rock icon Neil Young in pressing Spotify to remove their music, citing Rogan’s COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories and misinformation.Both singers survived polio as children and take a hard line against any anti-vaccine rhetoric.Last week, reports also emerged that Barry Manilow would join Young in pulling his music from Spotify, though the singer dispelled that rumor over the weekend.In response to Mitchell and Young, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek released a statement over the weekend saying that the platform would begin to add disclaimers and content warnings to podcast episodes about COVID-19.Though Ek’s announcement didn’t cite Rogan by name, no other podcast on the platform has come under the same amount of criticism for the spread of false information regarding the virus.That same day Elk released the statement, Rogan took to Instagram to issue an apology of sorts to both musicians, saying he felt “very sorry” to have offended them.“I most certainly don’t want that,” Rogan said in response to Young and Mitchell pulling their music from the platform.He went on to claim that what he says on his podcast is “not that prepared or fleshed out” and thanked Spotify for “being so supportive during this time and I’m very sorry that this is happening to them.”  A post shared by Joe Rogan (@joerogan)“If there’s anything that I’ve done that I could do better, it’s having more experts with differing opinions right after I have the controversial ones,” the host