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Sarah Huckabee Sanders tries to distract from her $19,029.25 grift with an attack on queer people (again)

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“It’s the left that decided ‘woman’ is a dirty word … that decided we needed to toss out basic biology and basic grammar…” politicians spend their time on anything that matters?Why is she obsessed with leftists if their views don’t matter?This new Children of the Corn reboot fuckin' sucks! it’s illegal to say “pregnant people” now or what? Good thing Republicans don’t whine about free speech all the time.’s interesting that Sanders calls gender-neutral terms “crazy,” considering that’s how one could describe her fixation on this non-issue.

Arkansas is dealing with many real crises, including the fact that 400,000 residents were just kicked off Medicaid. Overall, Arkansas has the fifth-highest poverty rate and second-worst food insecurity in the country.

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