‘Stardew Valley’ fans have a new queer anthem

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Stardew Valley community is a passionate one, and they’ve recently started using the music of Chappell Roan to highlight a queer romance in the game.Roan has a song titled ‘Good Luck, Babe!‘.

It’s about the lost potential of a forgotten romance between the singer and a woman who chose to be with a man rather than confront the difficulty of facing her queer identity.

This has resonated with players who opt for the woman character in Stardew Valley and who like to romance Haley.As noted by Kotaku, which first spotted this trend, Haley is quite distant toward the player character at first.

This might be because she’s a stranger, but it also might be because of some feelings bubbling up inside her that she’s not ready to reckon with.Haley spends a lot of time with another villager, Alex, a man.

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