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‘Strange Way of Life’ Trailer: Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke Get Intimate in Almodóvar’s Gay Cowboy Drama

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Sophia Scorziello editor Pedro Almodóvar’s queer Western short film “Strange Way of Life” has released its first trailer. The short, which stars Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, is somewhat akin to a “Brokeback Mountain” revamp, or moreso, a chance for Almodóvar to do finally do it his way.

Almost two decades ago, the Spanish filmmaker was offered the opportunity to direct the Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger film, but gave up the offer in fear he wouldn’t have the creative freedom to make the movie how he wanted it. “This is a queer western in the sense that there are two men, and they love each other, and they behave in that situation in an opposite way,” said Almodóvar on an episode of “Dua Lipa: At Your Service.” “What I can tell you about the film is that it has a lot of the elements of the Western.

It has the gunslinger. It has the ranch. It has the sheriff. But what it has that most Westerns don’t have is the kind of dialogue that I don’t think a Western film has ever captured between two men.

And now I think I’m telling you too much.” The 30-minute film follows Silva (Pascal), a cowboy who travels on horseback across the desert to meet an old friend, Sheriff Jake (Hawke), whom he hasn’t seen in 25 years.

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