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Azealia Banks: Sam Smith Is 'Leaning On' Sexuality to 'Make Trash Music'

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Azealia Banks has lashed out at Sam Smith and social media giants, Instagram and Twitter in a series of posts.The musician, 31, accused Smith of leaning into their sexuality in order to make music and described them as "cringeworthy."Banks shared a screenshot of Smith's recent music video for the song "I'm Not Here to Make Friends" which generated a lot of discussion about LGBTQ music and performers.Smith, who identifies as gay and non-binary, is dressed in camp outfits throughout the video.During the video, Smith is surrounded by many gender-diverse performers in historically inspired, but risqué, outfits.

Some complained about the sexual nature of the video, while others fat-shamed Smith for wearing figure-hugging outfits.But Banks has some other opinions on Smith's new music and posted them to her Instagram stories."What people need to understand ...

Especially these gay artists that think these forced displays of sexuality are revolutionary.... is that this type of s*** is so f***** post- Drag Race and cringeworthy," she began, referring to the popular drag reality series, RuPaul's Drag Race."No one makes 'gay pizza'—people from all walks of life enjoy pizza.

We don't need so many stacked vocals on this hook. Humans can tell what's dope and what's trash and this is absolute garbage."Banks added: "What happened to the days when gay male artists were able to express themselves in unique and groundbreaking ways that were truly FABULOUS?

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