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Caitlyn Jenner says trans community now “oversaturated”, launches group to fight back

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Breitbart she launched the group to “fight the radical gender ideology, put parental rights at the forefront of education, and keep boys out of women’s sports.”Jenner announced she was a trans woman in 2015.

Although initially pledging to be an advocate for trans rights, she appears committed to pulling up the ladder behind her.Last month, Jenner blasted what she viewed as the “Radical Rainbow Mafia”.In a tweet, Jenner said, “We live in a beautiful country called America, where we are free to be whomever we want.

The Radical Rainbow Mafia has hijacked LGBT ppl and is the worst thing that has ever happened to LGBT ppl! They are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!”Jenner now says her belief about the “radical rainbow mafia” spurned her on to create Fairness First.“The ultimate belief of Fairness First is that radical gender ideology infiltrating the classrooms, which has been extremely visible in sports, is an effort to break down the family unit,” Jenner said. “The family unit is under assault and looking to be replaced by teachers — and we see this with laws like the recent, ‘California secrecy’ law.”A proposed bill in California that would force schools to “out” trans youth to their parents recently failed to advance.

Jenner says her public profile is helping to generate support for her PAC. “We have events and grassroots partnerships in the works to show up to school board meetings, state capitols to testify, LGBT people to testify in congress, to stop the radical rainbow mafia.”Jenner blasted “the Radical Rainbow Mafia” as “domestic terrorists.”Jenner went on to suggest too many people are now exploring their gender identity.“I think this actually comes down to parental rights.

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