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Candace Owens: ‘Do Not Shop at Target or Else You’re Gay and a Pervert’

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a trend of filming videos for social media showing them ranting over items in stores, aggressively confronting store employees, and even destroying Pride displays.Many conservatives subsequently accused Target of seeking to “indoctrinate” or “groom” children into either being LGBTQ themselves or being supportive of LGBTQ people.Citing threats it had received from irate shoppers, and a desire to protect their employees from potential violence, Target decided to pull Pride-themed children’s merchandise from stores, especially items incorporating rainbows or that use colors that traditionally have not been associated with a certain gender, such as boys’ clothes in pastel colors, notably pink.The store also pulled a line of adult swimsuits marketed for its ability to “tuck” genitalia for transgender women.

Some right-wing outlets had previously reported that the “tuck-friendly” swimsuits were marketed to children, but the Associated Press later confirmed the swimsuits were only for adults.During the May 24 episode of her self-titled podcast for the Daily Wire, Owens asserted that Target was pushing an agenda through its Pride-themed merchandise, and encouraged conservatives to boycott the big box store.“[J]ust in case you think that conservatives are wrong or are joking when we say this stuff is satanic, Target actually hired a satanic designer,” Owens said, referring to another aspect of the Target controversy. “I’m not kidding.

This designer identifies as a Satanist.”Owens referenced that Target had partnered with the U.K.-based brand Abprallen and its designer Erik Carnell, who designed some Pride-themed merchandise for the retailer.

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