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Drag Race: Fans react to one of the most iconic lip-syncs ever

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The latest episode of Drag Race season 15 has delivered one of the most iconic lip-syncs in franchise history. Spoilers ahead For this week’s maxi-challenge, Ru asked the queens to tap into their funny bones and pen standup routines for the Bubbly Comedy Festival.  “Now, to randomly divide you into comedy duos, you need to reach into this cooler and pull out a can of Bubly sparkling water,” Ru continued.

In the end, the groups consisted of Sasha Colby and Anetra, Loosey La Duca and Luxx Noir London, and Marcia Marcia Marcia and Mistress Isabelle Brooks.

Due to an odd number of queens, Salina EsTitties was the lone wolf in the pack. But in true Drag Race fashion, Ru threw a slight twist by allowing Salina to perform solo or steal someone’s partner.

After ringing in Mistress as her partner, Marcia was left as the event’s solo performer. Before leaving the workroom, Ru revealed that mini-challenge winner Anetra would be selecting the lineup order – which resulted in Marcia as the opener, Luxx and Loosey second, Sasha and Anetra third, and for the closing act Mistress and Salina.

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