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What is a butt plug and how to safely use one? Your ultimate guide

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sex toys to be discovered, but beginners will be wise to start with a butt plug. If you found yourself here, you’re likely wondering, what is a butt plug?

The short answer is that they are intimate tools designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. But hold on to your prostate; we’re about to widen your horizons (and hole) with knowledge.

Butt plugs are anal sex toys shaped like a cone, starting narrow and getting wider until narrowing again at the tip. Think like a parking cone, except there’s a closed flanged end to prevent it from getting lost inside the wonders of your anus.

You might think butt plugs sound like dildos, but they are meant to be left inserted, while dildos are used for back-and-forth penetration.

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