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Narvaez receives award from Americans for the Arts

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Dallas City Council member Omar Narvaez District 6 Council Member Omar Narvaez received the annual City Council Leadership Award in partnership with the National League of Cities and Americans for the Arts.

The award recognizes a city Council Member who has consistently advocated for the advancement of pro-arts legislation, funding, and promotion in their region. “I congratulate Council Member Narvaez on this Leadership Award, but more importantly, I thank him for ensuring that the arts are a vital part of his district,” said Nolen Bivens, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “We are so proud to have one of our very own Dallas City Council Members honored with this prestigious award,” said Director of the Office of Arts and Culture, Martine Elyse Philippe. “Council Member Omar Narvaez has been such an impactful advocate for the cultural arts sector in Dallas.

We are all grateful for his steadfast support of our work to increase equitable access to the arts.” He encouraged the city to update the cultural policy in 2018 and helped with community outreach to ensure all parts of the community participated with both input and feedback resulting in a priority emphasis on equity and diversity.

To increase the funding for direct investment in arts funding he provided leadership in the effort to increase the share of HOT tax for the arts from 2 percent to ultimately 12 percent at the end of the current Visit Dallas contract, an increase that came at a grave time when every arts organization needed increased funding from the Office of Arts and Culture during and following the pandemic.

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