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Right-wing grifter gets dragged for declaring “condoms are gay” & implying he prefers bareback by default

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gay!Michael Knowles, who works for Ben Shapiro’s troll site, The Daily Wire, went on a ridiculous monologue Monday, during which he railed against the two Supreme Court decisions, Griswold and Eisenstadt, that established the rights of married and unmarried people to possess contraception.

Knowles thinks that’s a bad thing, because in his twisted mind, nobody should be having sex for fun. And who has the most fun when they have sex?Gays!Knowles says the birth of the LGBTQ+ rights movement, which we weirdly calls the “Pride movement,” can be traced to the widespread availability of contraception.

Apparently, there were no queer people before the early 1970s. Who knew?“I think a lot of people are beginning to notice that the contraceptive mentality is the beginning of the Pride mentality,” he said. “The contraceptive mentality divorces sex from the consequences of sex.

It introduces a sterile sexual ethic, which is exactly what gave us the Pride movement. There’s no distinction here. If you can’t read between the lines, the conclusion that one draws is… condoms are kind of gay.”"Condoms are kind of gay" says right wing media personality Michael Knowles in monologue suggesting a post-Roe push to overturn Griswold and Eisenstat, two cases enumerating the right to contraception https://t.co/hk9x0FQx8a pic.twitter.com/BGBJwQlZPuWhen Knowles talks about divorcing sex from the “consequences of sex,” he’s seemingly bemoaning the fact that many people engage in sexual intercourse without the intention of procreating.

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