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WATCH: An MMA fighter pretends to be gay so he can live on Fire Island in this unique movie musical

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not the plot of an upcoming indie film aptly titled I’m Not Gay A Musical.Our protagonist is an MMA fighter named Misha (Hamilton‘s Sydney James Harcourt), who always wanted to be a dancer, but some childhood trauma pushed him in the other direction, hardening into the star of an underground fight club.Clearly, Misha is still haunted by the past, using the brutal sport, pills, self-harm—anything he can to avoid confronting his inner demons.

But, after a harrowing incident, he’s told he must undergo intensive therapy treatment, which just so happens to be on Fire Island.

You know, gay mecca!While there, Misha finds the perfect home, and decides he wants to buy it. (Which, we know it’s a movie, so we’ll suspend our disbelief, but there’s no way a place on Fire Island is even remotely affordable, right?)Anthony Rapp shares backstage secrets about his dream collabs, star turn in ‘RENT,’ and pre-show ritualsThe catch is, the property manager will only sell it to a gay man, and thus Misha begins a ruse that has to last all summer, convincing his new neighbors and friends that he’s gay.

Hijinks ensue.But wait, is Misha actually gay? What is it from his past that he’s trying so hard to repress? Things are about to get messy on Fire Island.And, lest you forget, I’m Not Gay A Musical… is a musical!

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