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Harris Dickinson is the ultimate babygirl, and the indie It Boy’s new erotic thriller makes it official

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be “babygirl,” you might ask? Well, it’s more about a vibe than it is a definition. In essence, it’s a term that’s been given new life by stan culture, frequently applied to hot male stars with some sadness behind their eyes—actors who, through their work, showcase the vulnerable and sensitive sides of masculinity, for better or for worse.Pedro Pascal, Jacob Elordi, Charles Melton—they’re all babygirl, according to the internet.

The label is infantilizing, sure, implying these are pitiable men (are at least the characters they play are) who need cared for.

But also… isn’t the thought of coddling them hot?Which brings us to Harris Dickinson, a strikingly handsome British actor who’s been on the rise for a few years now, making a name for himself playing brooding, bruised, and broken men on screen.

Has anyone ever been more babygirl?A post shared by @harrisdickinsonSolidifying this is fact that one of Dickinson’s next projects is an erotic thriller called—wait for it—Babygirl.From A24 and Bodies Bodies Bodies director Halina Reijn, the film explores the complex power dynamics at play when a powerful CEO begins a sexual affair with her much younger intern, played by Dickinson.Variety reports that Nicole Kidman has just joined the cast as the older woman who begins an illicit affair with her employee, alongside Antonio Banderas as her husband, Jean Reno (León: The Professional) as her business rival, and Sophie WIlde (Talk To Me) as an assistant who catches wind of the tryst.So, yes, it seems the film’s title really is jumping on the trend, not referring to an actual “baby girl” but rather Dickinson’s young, helpless, and hot intern.News of the project comes at a big moment for the 27-year-old actor.

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