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Meet the gay wrestler who could become the first queer ‘Gladiator’ in TV reboot

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A post shared by Cassius The Neon Explosion (@neoncassius)Years before Drag Race, there was another TV series where fierce competitors—with ridiculous monikers, flamboyant outfits, and a whole lot of hairspray—went head-to-head in a wild battle royale to be crowned a champion.

That show was American Gladiators, which originally ran from 1989 to 1996. And while its over-the-top theatrics and inventive challenges had a major camp factor, it was decidedly not queer.(Though, for what it’s worth, oiled up Gladiators like Laser and Ice were surely responsible for quite a few gay awakenings.)However, last year the BBC announced it would revive the franchise for British television, and with it comes the possibility of an out and proud Gladiator, for the first time ever!In a new interview with The Sun, U.K.-based gay wrestler Cassius Paule reveals he has been approached to star in the show by producers, and he seems very eager to get in the ring.A post shared by Cassius The Neon Explosion (@neoncassius)“The original was decades ago.

Lots has changed since then and of course, these days not all Gladiators are going to be straight,” Paule tells The Sun, noting that the reboot hopes to update the formula, with competitors from all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.This time around, personality will be just as important as muscles when it comes to the rotating cast of Gladiators, and Paule has plenty to spare.

In the ring, he goes by Cassius The Neon Explosion, wearing colorful looks that suit his name. With all the glitter, fringe, and tiny booty shorts, his wardrobe would make a drag queen jealous!A post shared by Cassius The Neon Explosion (@neoncassius)Paule says he was “born to be in front of the camera,” and, as a teen, snuck out.

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